Houston: Cowboy hats, belt buckles & country music

My best friend and her family moved to Houston almost two years ago.  The first time I went to visit them we almost missed our flight home because the airport was so backed up…it didn’t make sense, it was a random weekend in March. That’s when I learned about the rodeo – the largest rodeo in the country is held in Houston every year. It was intriguing, so we made a promise to come back this year and check it out.

We started the day off right, with a bloody mary and some breakfast biscuits and headed to the rodeo around noon. Let me just tell you, when they say everything is bigger in Texas they are not lying! I don’t know what I thought a rodeo would be like, but this was definitely not it. There is so much more than just horses, live stock, and cowboy hats. But there is definitely a lot of all that too!  First of all this is a month long event…I feel like it takes over almost all of downtown…now I’m sure it doesn’t but I don’t know Houston well enough to know my way around.  Walking in I felt like I was heading into Six Flags, there is a fair on the grounds outside Reliant Stadium, and when I say fair I mean it is the size of your state fair times three. There is everything you can imagine from a ferris wheel and ski lift to corn dog stands and carnival-style games. Even for four adults we couldn’t pass up some of the games or great food.

The actual rodeo doesn’t start until late afternoon, and to be honest it wasn’t as impressive as the fair. I had a great time and used this as a time to sit down and regroup. The horse shows were ok, the bull riding was pretty amazing though and I missed the muttin’ bustin’. That is supposed to be the best part, when the little kids come out and ride sheep. I’ll have to catch this next time.

After the rodeo Brad Paisley played a concert, I loved it! To be honest, I am a country music fan though…my husband is not but he even enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe how quickly they set up the stage and had the artist out there. As soon as the last horse was off the sand trucks were out there setting up the show. Apparently they only have 15 minutes for set-up and then they are live. It was a quick concert, but well worth it.

Overall it was a great time, and I would definitely recommend checking it out. Make sure to pack your cowboy boots though or you will feel left out! I will leave you with one last picture…at the end of the night, after a few cocktails, we decided to go all out…

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