I accomplished one of my bucket list items in the Dominican Republic


A few weeks ago I wrote about my bucket list…it is a list of things I want to do over the next few years.  And I actually accomplished one already!  I jumped down a waterfall!  Not even one, but SEVEN!!  Ok, so I have to admit I actually did something similar years ago, but I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have so I made it a bucket list item to do it again!

In the Dominican we took an excursion called “Jeep Safari.”  The whole experience was amazing, but the highlight of the trip was definitely the waterfalls.  We started with a half-day ride around in a large “jeep” taking in local Dominican culture – everything from visiting traditional local stores, watching a fake cock-fight, seeing how they make their coffee and roll cigars, to visiting local mountain towns.  It was definitely eye-opening.  The Dominican Republic is a developing country, and they do a lot with less and everyone is extremely happy.  They thrive off of the tourism there and that is evident.  It was great to see how they live and everything that we take for granted in our everyday life, like drinking water, being able to flush paper town the toilet, air conditioning, and affordable gas prices.  What really hit me on this safari were all the young kids who chased after the jeep looking just for a small piece of candy.

After the local tour we got to the waterfalls…the highlight of my day!

We climbed up the falls with the help of two guides and then slid down a few, where a natural slide had formed, and jumped down others. It was absolutely gorgeous and such an awesome experience.  These pictures really don’t do it justice…but I couldn’t bring my camera to capture it from my point of view so I was at the mercy of our guide.  Enjoy!


*Disclaimer – I know some of these pictures are blurry, they were screen grabs from a video of our excursion

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