Football is back!


Can you believe NFL Football starts today?  I am so excited!!  A few years ago I wouldn’t have even believed how much I could love pro football, college was it for me.  So what changed my mind?  The NFL RedZone…you see the best of everything without having to wait for commercials and plays under review.  You can’t beat it!

On the subject of football last weekend we went the UT vs. NC State game.  While I love the NFL, nothing beats SEC Football.  If you don’t live in the south or have never experienced an SEC game you are missing out!  The rivalries and energy around these games are something that cannot be matched.  My BFF and her husband were in town so we started the football day early by tailgating downtown.

After a few hours of putting down some beer…thinking there would be no alcohol sales in the arena (we were wrong!) we headed in.  Our seats were great, row 4, behind the end zone.  And we were fortunate to be in the end zone that had almost all of the action. The Georgia Dome is not my favorite place to see a game – but when you are lower level for a college game it is better.  The fans made the atmosphere, there was so much excitement in the air for the first SEC game of the season.  There were definitely more UT fans than NC State, and I was not complaining about that.  We are going to an Atlanta Falcons game in two weeks and have not-so-great seats, I’ll let you know the different experiences after.  I would never say don’t go to a game here, but it is definitely not my favorite stadium.  It can be hard to navigate to your seat and from what I can remember the upper level is difficult to see from.

But for the first UT football game of the season I was glad to be there!  AND the highlight of it all was Philip Fulmer was there…AND my friend got to meet him!  I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous of him I was.  But it was good to see him at the game and still supporting UT even though he was pushed out as head coach.

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