North Georgia Wineries

It’s almost Friday, I hope you are having a fabulous week so far!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the weekend.  The fall is my favorite season and there is so much to do on the weekends at this time of year…apple orchards, pumpkin patches, Halloween parties, weddings, etc.

A couple of weeks ago RG and I toured some of Georgia’s finest wineries.  We had a great time, and enjoyed most of the wine we tasted.  It was a very different experience than Tuscany’s, Portland Oregon’s, and I am sure Napa Valley’s vineyards…it is unique to Georgia.  We visited three and here is a quick recap of them all.  Across the board the red wines were my favorite, and I am a white wine girl, so that is saying something!

Wolf Mountain Vineyards

This winery had the most to offer…a tasting room with a patio and view of the mountains, a separate restaurant to have lunch, a wine club to join, and an optional tour of the grounds.  We started with a tasting and then had lunch. The bartenders here were the nicest of all wineries, they knew what they were talking about and took a personal interest in whether you enjoyed it or not.  My favorite was a reserve red Cabernet Sauvignon that you cannot buy unless you are in the Wine Club.  Instead we took home a bottle of their white blend of Chardonnay and Viognier wine.

The food was great, we already had a little wine buzz by the time we sat down so we started with their thin crust pizza…amazing!  I can’t tell you if I loved it because I needed some food or because it really was that good.

Frogtown Cellars

This was my favorite…we even went here twice!  On Friday we got to the cabin around 3pm, lit a fire, ate a meat and cheese plate, drank some beer, played poker….and then it was 5pm!  We got a little antsy knowing that we had the whole night ahead of us to continue the same thing so we headed to Frogtown.  They had just closed but let us taste a few of their wines, buy two bottles (one to take home of course!) and sit on their patio and enjoy the wine.  It was perfect.  We got to look out over the vineyards, a lake, and the mountains and watch the sunset.  Because we didn’t get to to do their whole tasting flight we decided to go back Saturday and we were not disappointed…we walked out of there with three more bottles!  My favorite was Thirteenth Colony Cabernet Sauvignon. 

BlackStock Vineyards

I am not going to lie…I was not impressed by this one.  The view was pretty and the vineyards were well kept, but the bartenders were young and could be rude and the wine was less than stellar.  They kept their white wine cold with ice packs, really?!?!  We ended up not even purchasing a bottle to take home.  I will admit by the time we got here I was slightly drunk…thanks to RG for being the responsible driver!  I even broke a wine glass here 😦  So they may have been a little rude to me because of that…but that’s no excuse!

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