Waterfalls and hiking at Desoto Falls

I hope you are having a great weekend! As you read this I am boarding a plane back to Atlanta from a close friend of mine’s wedding in Baltimore. I will fill you in this trip soon!

Going to college in the Smoky Mountains I was always spoiled with quick day or weekend hiking trips to get away from campus. Since then I haven’t been hiking as much as I would like, and have not taken advantage of the Appalachian Mountains an hour away. While we were visiting the wineries we managed to squeeze in two hikes. We found a moderate (really more on the easy side) trail just down the street from where we were staying…Desoto Falls. Since Fall is just beginning, the leaves had just changed and were starting to fall. The weather was brisk, and made it perfect for a hike. This was our dog’s first experience off leash in the mountains, and she loved it! The falls were pretty…they were not Multnomah Falls in Oregon, but they were very peaceful and pretty. We ended up hiking this trail twice…Saturday and Sunday morning! Here are some pics from the first day.

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