Holiday Road Trip

Our holiday road trip has come and passed…we had a great time on the road, spending time with family, visiting old friends and grubbing throughout.  Now with New Years around the corner it is time to slow down, regroup and plan for 2013!  As I sit here on the last Sunday of the year with wings in the oven, a beer chilling and football about to come on I wanted to tell you a little about our trip.

RG, Marley and I had a great time…we headed to Northern Virginia to spend Christmas with my family.  Along the way we saw many loved ones, found a few unique restaurants, and enjoyed our time together.  Here is a brief recap…

Durham, North Carolina

We planned ahead of time to stop in Durham with the intentions of a quite night in the hotel, rising early to explore Duke’s campus and continuing on our way to VA.  But when we arrived we spotted a cosmic bowling alley down the street and immediately changed our plans! RG had packed wine, cheese and crackers for the trip. We unwound at the hotel over these picnic style, then headed out for some Mexican and bowling.  We found a hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican restaurant, El Cuscatleco. We knew it was going to be good when we walked in and were the only ones who spoke English. I haven’t had this authentic of Mexican since we were in Houston. After chowing down on some queso and small plates we headed to the bowling alley…I begrudgingly admit RG beat me three games to two.  BUT in my defense two of the games were won by only one point…we are in a fierce competition over who is the best bowler!

Our wine and cheese appetizer at the hotel
Our wine and cheese appetizer at the hotel
El Cuscatleco - Authentic!
El Cuscatleco – Authentic!

Bowling, Durham NC

On the road

We both woke up with slight hangovers…I swear these get so much worse the older we get! It was probably the mix of wine and beer…oh well, it was worth it.  So instead of heading to Duke we stopped by a McDonalds (bad idea!) and got on the road.  The rest of the drive wasn’t too bad…until we got about 20 minutes out from my parents house.  From there it took us over an hour to get in!  Anyone who says DC traffic isn’t that bad has no idea what they are talking about!

Brush fire on the side of the highway
Brush fire on the side of the highway
Beautiful skies on the trip
Beautiful skies on the trip

At home in Virginia

It’s always comforting being at home.  I can sleep in, lounge in my pj’s all day, eat handfuls of potato chips my parents hoard and just spend time with my parents and brothers.  We did venture out a few times to see extended family, shop some of the holiday sales, see high school friends and check out a restaurant.

My brother and I were talking about Korean BBQ and how I’ve always wanted to try it.  He recommended Honey Pig in Annandale Virginia…and WOW!  Again, we had found a very authentic hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  It even took us 3o minutes to find it it is so secluded.  If you haven’t tried Korean BBQ start looking for one.  They cook your meat on your table, have refreshing light Korean beers and play Gangnam Style every few minutes.  I am now on a mission to find a similar place in Atlanta, but I doubt I will be able to.

Honey Pig
Honey Pig
Honey Pig - Me and my dad
We heart Honey Pig
Meat cooking at our table...brisket and boneless pork ribs
Meat cooking at our table…brisket and boneless pork ribs
My parent's Christmas tree
My parent’s Christmas tree
Marley relaxing at my parent's
Marley relaxing after eating plates of Christmas scraps

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