Oh, what a night . . .

Happy Friday!  I had every intention of posting yesterday…but exhaustion and a slight hangover detained me.  Wednesday was a crazy day…not sure if you saw the news but the South East was attacked by tornadoes and torrential thunderstorms.  Being the scaredy cat that I am I rushed home from work early because if I was going to die in a tornado it was going to be at home with my hubby and pup, not in my office cubicle.  Well, turns out the tornado hit north of the city and we were spared, just getting some of rain.

After recovering from my slight hysteria RG and I headed to join some friends at the Hawks game.  Our friends had secured these tickets and we had no idea how good they were.  I have been to a number of sporting events at Philips Arena…Hawks, arena football, Thrashers when they were around and MMA fights…but I have NEVER sat court-side before…definitely the way to watch a game!  We were right under a basket behind the cameramen.  We ended up also being half way between 2004 Miss Universe, Floyd Mayweather and the Braves’ Upton brothers.  Who knew all these people would come out to see the Hawks play Toronto.  I mean, the arena was only a quarter full, but there were no court-side seats available.

We sat right behind the cameramen
We sat right behind the cameramen…
No zoom...we were right under the basket
…and under the basket

We schmoozed with a member of Mayweather’s entourage, got on the Kiss Cam (after YEARS of trying) and got into a super secret bar.  I tried to get a picture of Mayweather but he kept ducking around my shot. My friend snapped one on her phone, it’s a bit blurry, but it is evidence he was there.  Like I said, I have been to Philips Arena, for many events and hung out in the suites, club level and other areas but I had no idea there is a bar underneath the stands.  You literally have to walk through one of the tunnels on the floor, down a side hallway and ta-da!  It wasn’t really anything special but it was fun to be where not many people were invited. This is definitely how I want to enjoy all games going forward!  We were having so much fun we even hung around after the game ended.  Needless to say it was a struggle to get going for work in the morning, but it was all worth hit.

Here are some shots…enjoy and have a great weekend!

Imagine this with the Kiss Cam - RG and I made it on here!
Imagine this with the Kiss Cam on – RG and I made it on here!

Philips Arena - Hawks game

Hawks Mascot
Hawks Mascot
A bit blurry but that is Floyd Mayweather...photo courtesy of Morgan Harris
A bit blurry but that is Floyd Mayweather…photo courtesy of Morgan Harris
Atlanta Braves Upton brothers and Floyd Mayweather...photo courtesy of John Park
Atlanta Braves’ Upton brothers and Floyd Mayweather…photo courtesy of John Park


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