Atlanta Bucket List Update

Just a quick stop in to see where we are with the bucket list…I have been working hard on crossing off items, but have not been doing as well as I had hoped.  In my defense, I have done a lot recently in addition to this list…like going to the Argosy restaurant opening, having a girls night out, throwing drinks back at the local speakeasy, eating at Leon’s Full Service and getting my hair did.  I feel like I haven’t slept in three weeks!!  But it is so worth it…now onto the recap:

Fox Theater
Fox Theater
  • Westin Sundial Restaurant 
    • One of my favorite places, if you haven’t already check out this post to see more about why
  • Ann’s Snack Shop – To try the world-famous Ghetto Burger 
    • This was AMAZING.  I was honestly pretty very surprised.   I think this deserves its own blog post…stay tuned
  • Six Feet Under 
    • One of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, and it did not disappoint.  On a warm evening the roof top patio cannot be beat…whether you are at the Memorial Drive location (my favorite) looking out over Oakland Cemetary, or at the Howell Mill one looking over the midtown skyline.
  • Dawsonville outlet shops 
    • Very successful shopping trip this past weekend.  RG and I stocked up on warm weather clothes to take with us!
  • Visit Fox Theater 
    • I cannot believe it took me this long to go to the Fox and I had no idea what I was in for.  Driving past the Fox for as long as I have I never realized it looks like a castle from the outside…until I walked inside and saw the castle design.  It is like you are sitting under the stars on a clear night watching a play.  I was very impressed, and honestly a bit taken aback at the same time.  I wish I had the chance to go again, without the shock value.  But there is always when we return…
  • PushStart Kitchen 
    • One of my favorite birthday’s yet.  A sweet young couple hosts sixteen diners in their loft a couple of nights a week. They call it a Southern Speakeasy and you have to be on their email list to have a chance to reserve seats. It is a different menu each week and everything is made from scratch right there in their home.  We met some interesting people, drank Horchata and gorged on the most scrumptious food I’ve had.  Hurry and check them out…they are opening a restaurant soon and the speakeasy may close!
  • Cafe Jonah 
    • A small old house that hosts the quaint, fresh lunch spot…everything is made same day with local and fresh ingredients.  It brings neighborhood charm to the Buckhead area.
  • A final bowling competition between RG and myself 
    • This is how we celebrated Valentine’s Day and I wouldn’t complain…EXCEPT RG beat me three games to two!  On to the next time…are there bowling alleys in Thailand?!?!
Bowling & Beer...perfect Valentine's Day!
Bowling & Beer…perfect Valentine’s Day!

And here is what is still remaining…with our time here running out I can only hope I will accomplish all of these.  On to the next one…

  • Blind Willies
  • Tour Oakland Cemetery
  • Brunch at Ria’s Bluebird Cafe
  • Sweetwater Brewery
  • Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles
  • Visit Carter Center
  • Season’s 52 in Buckhead
  • See Yacht Rock Revue one last time
    • This may not be possible 😦  They only have one Atlanta show scheduled before we head abroad and we may not be able to swing it…
Ann's Snack Bar
Ann’s Snack Bar

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