Bangkok, Day 1

We finally made it to Thailand! It definitely took us longer than expected to get here but overall our travel experience has been good.  We have flown first class, stayed in very nice hotels and spent a weekend in Tokyo. We arrived in Bangkok late Sunday night and crashed at an airport hotel to catch up on sleep and figure out our plan of action.

I had originally arranged for us to rent an apartment in the financial district of Bangkok, but since we arrived five days later than planned the unit was no longer available.  So we began going through Trip Advisor’s list of ‘Best Budget Hotels in Bangkok’ and came across a little gem, The Lamphu Tree House.  Everything about this place looked nice…pool, air conditioning, location, and breakfast buffet.  We called and were able to book the last available room, score!

The best advice I can give to anyone traveling to Bangkok is make sure your hotel has a pool.  The average temperature here is over 90 degrees…even when your shower is on cold the water is warm, that pool will serve as a much-needed refresher following a day in the city.

Lamphu Tree House Hotel's pool
Lamphu Tree House Hotel’s pool

After an hour cab ride to our new hotel, we took a dip in the pool, had lunch and decided to wander around the area.  We didn’t take a map and just wanted to see what the area had to offer.  Everything I read said we were near the backpackers district, where everything you can imagine is available on the cheap.  We walked from our hotel to the right, then to the left and a for a while just straight ahead.  The sun was setting so we didn’t want to be lost in a strange city…after about an hour of wandering around we saw nothing but smog, traffic and locals that did not look amused by us.  We headed back to the hotel, ate some dinner and recharged.  We were a bit discouraged.

We regrouped at the hotel, and I started doing some research online.  I was sure to make day two a more successful day…

Hotel lobby
Hotel lobby

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