Hang Over Pt. 2

Now don’t get your hopes up for some crazy tale of RG and I having a Hang Over type night in Bangkok…we  just visited the Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel where it was filmed.  If you find yourself in Bangkok definitely make a trip up to the 63rd floor of the Lebua Hotel to see an amazing view of the city.  We blew our budget out a bit to have a couple of drinks here…with $18 cocktails it reminds me of Miami prices.  We spent more than one night stay at our hotel in under an hour…but the view is breath-taking and I wouldn’t have missed it!

View from the Sky Bar
View from the Sky Bar

I didn’t realize just how spread out Bangkok is until I saw it from up here.  I have to admit my fear of heights kicked in when we were on the far side of the bar, where only a two-inch piece of glass and a foot-long piece of net separates you from the streets below, but it was worth the shortness of breath and expensive drinks to see this.  I just wish Bradley Cooper joined us over a drink or two…

Don't mind my hair...there was quite a breeze
Don’t mind my hair…there was quite a breeze
Live band at the Sky Bar
Live band at the Sky Bar

Since we had already splurged on this experience we decided to make it our night out on the town and headed to Brown Sugar Jazz Bar.  It’s a short walk from our hotel and has been written up by Lonely Planet as one of the best bars to check out.  The prices were more reasonable and we got to listen to intimate live jazz music (in English!) over traditional Thai food.  It was not like any jazz bar you would find in the states…it seemed this was the first time the musicians had every played together…one trumpet player missed his que regularly, the pianist went off on her own jam more than once and the bass player tried to keep it all together.  But it was an experience and an overall fun night out!

Brown Sugar Jazz Bar
Brown Sugar Jazz Bar

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