Happy 4th of July from Thailand

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans!  Today has always been one of my favorite holidays, so its weird being somewhere the day goes by unnoticed without a day off of work, grilling out, time spent on the water and fireworks galore.

In honor of USA’s Independence Day, one that is so often celebrated over fresh grilled burgers I thought I would tell you about the best  burger I have had in Bangkok.  Since we have arrived in Thailand I have been wary of certain meats, beef in particular…this is more because I have gotten into my own head about it than for any real reason.  But Firehouse Restaurant off of Soi 11 in Bangkok had me second-guessing myself and actually ordering an all-beef patty.  RG has tried other burgers along the way and agrees this is by far the best so far.

Lets start with the restaurant itself…it is a small place just a five minute walk from the Nana BTS station.  The waitresses are clad in tight and short firefighter uniforms, the lighting is bright and there is limited seating.  It is very modern and clean, with a fully stocked bar including a range of beer choices.   I would recommend getting here early to can snag a table on the patio…there are only a few…and if you get one you are definitely in luck!  The bar next door always has live music…usually a jazz or rock band playing classics we all grew up on…and the outside at Firehouse gives you the opportunity to eat, drink and listen to their music.

On to the food…when we went we were with a group six and all of us ordered burgers, so I cannot fairly comment on the other menu items…but the burgers were amazing.  They use organic beef and patty the burgers in larger sizes than most restaurants back home.  You can choose a number of different styles, from the California (avocado and cheddar cheese) to the Champion Chile (open-faced and smothered in chili).  I personally ordered one smothered with sautéed mushrooms and onions and was not disappointed.  They come out piping hot, mouth-watering and with a side of fries or salad.  It was like sitting in a US pub and biting into burger straight off the grill at home.  I almost forgot we were in Thailand for a minute.  AND, they have a great happy hour special…until 8:30pm all draft beers and cocktails are 2-for-1.  Now, how can you beat that?!?!

If you are in Bangkok and craving some traditional American far head over to Firehouse.  I promise you will not be disappointed…and if you are, my apologies but you have probably never had a real American burger!

The best burger in Bangkok from Firehouse
The best burger in Bangkok from Firehouse

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