Sabai@Kan Resort, Kanchanaburi – Hotel Review

Let me start by saying if you have found your way here with questions about whether or not to stay at Sabai@Kan Resort in Kanchanaburi Thailand I will tell you now…book it!

RG often tells me that I over plan and agonize too much over every detail of every trip we go on…and with our current status, that means I am in constant planning mode!  I have come to heavily rely on Tripadvisor reviews and ratings.  That site has become such a crutch to me, and an important part of my planning routine.  So important in fact I have begun to leave my own reviews.  I mean, if I put so much faith behind other’s opinions I feel I should reciprocate…so now every time we visit somewhere you find my feedback on both on Tripadvisor and Agoda!  In that spirit I thought I would tell you about a little gem of a hotel we stayed at while visiting Kanchanaburi.

After much back and forth, sorting through hundreds of reviews, and deciding how much to what our budget should be, I booked us two nights at Sabai@Kan Resort for our stay in Kanchanaburi.  We arrived around 10pm and were greeted immediately, checked in quickly and shown our room.  I wish I had pictures of our room, it was probably the size of our apartment.  We had tons of space with charming decorations…an oversized wooden ladder displayed both bath and pool towels…the kingsize bed was adorned with a couple of throw pillows…and one entire wall was floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the garden.

Breakfast was included in our stay and it covered all your basis…traditional Thai fare of friend rice and sautéed noodles…and western classics like fried eggs, french toast, breakfast ham, cereal, pastries and fresh fruit.  Both mornings I sipped on strong much-needed coffee, ate well, and enjoyed the open-air restaurant and scenery.


The hotel staff was ready and willing to assist on anything you need, at any time.  We came back around 12:30am Friday night and inquired about a tour package…we decided to sleep on it and let them know in the morning.  They were at our door making sure we didn’t oversleep at 7am in case we wanted to join!  Mind you, we had decided to sleep in instead but the thought was very kind.

The location is also perfect, it is equally located between the nightlife and the Death Railway Bridge.  A ten minute walk to the right will take you to  all the restaurants and bars you could desire, and a similar walk to the left are the tourist attractions.  If you don’t feel like walking the hotel will arrange for a taxi or tuk tuk to pick you up.

At 1,000THB (about $33) a night it is slightly expensive compared to surrounding hotels.  But you get what you pay for, and I would thoroughly recommend giving this place a shot.  If you are backpacking and this is not in your budget I would check out Ploy’s Guesthouse, Tara Bed and Breakfast or The Noble Night.  We stopped in all of these and were impressed, they all have a pool and are located right within the popular strip of restaurants/bars.  You can get a private bathroom, air-conditioned room at these for about 700THB ($23), a shared-bathroom air-con room for 350THB ($11), or a shared-bathroom fan room for 250THB ($9).

I hope this helped, if you have any other recommendations for Kanchanburi please send them my way, we will back there soon!


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