Siem Reap…our first stop in Cambodia


Hello, from Cambodia! I am writing this from a bus as we ride across Cambodia. We have been in this country for just over a week and have seen so much, I can’t wait to share it all with you!

We began our Cambodia travels in Siem Reap, about three hours from the border of Thailand. Siem reap is a small quaint town about 15 minutes outside of one of the most amazing historical sites in the world…Angkor Wat.

A few nights in Siem Reap really is enough to explore and see all this town has to offer. We spent an entire day exploring Angkor Wat and would not have been disappointed with one more full day there. It has that much to offer. I promise an entire post on here when we get back to Bangkok…I want to download all of my photos first.

Besides Angkor we spent our afternoons and evenings wandering up and down Pub Street…a street that got it’s name because of the high concentration of pubs in such a small area. Here we found some amazing food…from traditional Khmer dishes of Lok Lak and Amok curry to Mexican fajitas and Italian pastas. We were able to quench our thirst over $0.50 happy hour drafts and hot roasted peanuts. Another great thing about Cambodia is they prefer USD$ and the ATMs distribute this currency too. It has been a nice break to not have to figure out exchange rates. Besides Pub Street the Night Market is the place for shopping. It offers a great selection of oil paintings, silk blended hammocks, t-shirts and books as far as you can read. This market rivals Bangkok’s Weekend Market on a smaller scale, but the prices were definitely better. From there we opted for an hour long massage and beer…both for just $5! to be honest we started with a 30 minute massage and beer at $3 and quickly upgraded to an hour for $2 more. I mean, how can you beat that?!?! The other thing we broke down and tried were fish foot massages where fish eat the dead skin off your feet…for three people we paid $7, got three beers and could sit as long as we wanted. I still don’t know how much better my feet felt after but it was an experience I will never forget.

Besides the food, massages and shopping what really stood out to me in Siem Reap was how kind Cambodians are… people are smiling everywhere you turn and are genuinely interested in where you are from and how you like their country.

I really enjoyed this small town!




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