Second Trimester Recap

The second trimester was an exciting time – we did early genetic testing giving us the opportunity to find out the gender at 13 weeks and were excited to confirm it is a boy!  We also settled on a name quicker than I had expected…Jackson. I had a few ultrasounds, it’s fun to see the baby’s growth over these weeks. It’s also a bit sad because after 20 weeks I don’t have any more ultrasounds unless something is wrong.

Overall I really enjoyed this trimester, I finally got my energy back which couldn’t have been better timing-wise as it was a busy few months. We traveled to Colorado over the 4th of July, I had a work trip to NYC that I was able to extend through Labor Day Weekend to visit family on Shelter Island, my Mom and her BFF visited, and I took a girls trip to San Francisco…whew! Just thinking about all of that makes me exhausted now.

Boulder, Colorado

Who Knows – By the end of the second trimester everyone pretty much knew – After telling immediate family we slowly started telling our close friends. When I was about five months along, 19 weeks, I decided to share it on social media. This was a tough decision for me, I had been against making a big announcement from the beginning, but after a lot of consideration I decided I didn’t want pictures of me pregnant to get posted or someone to write something about the pregnancy without being able to control how people found out first. And we were excited to share the news with our friends around the world!

Overall weight gain – This trimester I gained more consistently, adding about a pound a week

Gender – Found out it’s a boy!

Cravings – Pizza and ice cream

Best part of the second trimester – All of the travels I was able to take, I know once the baby arrives this will slow down so I am trying to do as much as I can now

Hardest part of the second trimester – Not being able to drink at the U.S. Open or in Napa Valley – instead I made up for it by shipping home cases of wine for after Baby gets here

Showing – It took a while, but by the middle of this trimester I had definitely “popped”

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