Easter Weekend

As I sit here and reflect on this past weekend, I can’t help but be thankful to have such a close network of family and friends in Atlanta.  As usual the weekend was packed full of activities, and overall was a huge success!After a week of work travel and with a busy couple days ahead a low-key Friday evening was exactly what I needed…Ryan and I poured some rosé, relaxed on the porch, caught up from the week and headed to bed at a decent hour.

Saturday morning we were up and at it early and headed to Grant Park for an Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn’t sure how it would go over with Jackson, but he rocked it! Both Ryan and I are pretty competitive and this was the first time I saw that competitive streak come out in Jackson. After the hunt we picnicked with friends and neighbors in the park until Jackson’s nap time came around and he couldn’t hang anymore. The afternoon was filled with friends stopping by, an impromptu maternity photo session for an expecting friend, a little gardening, and a visit to one of our favorite bbq spots – Sweet Auburn.

On a side note, Sweet Auburn BBQ not only has great food, but they’re also really good with kids. We’ve been going here for years, but since having Jackson we’ve made it a more regular stop. Try their Wu-Tang wings, you won’t regret it 🙂
Easter Weekend
You know it’s budding romance when they share their Easter eggs

Sunday was a slower start to the day, we stayed in our pajamas a little longer than usual and relaxed until it was time to get things together for brunch. Since moving into our house it has become an annual tradition to host a group of friends for an Easter meal – in the past it’s been an early dinner, but with kids in the mix we’ve moved it up to brunch. The food and company were great, Jackson slept through most of it which made it easy on us and we had our afternoon to regroup and get ready for the week ahead.

Easter Weekend
Water table success

The highlight of Sunday though was Jackson’s “gift” from the Easter Bunny. Since he still doesn’t grasp the concept of Easter we decided rather than putting together a basket full of candy and toys the Easter Bunny would bring a water table. This was the best decision, Jackson literally spent two straight hours splashing and playing in the water, and I’m sure this will become a regular weekend activity.

Overall the weekend was a huge success, and I hope yours was too! Here are some pictures that captured ours, enjoy.

xoxo, Nicole



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