San Fran & Napa

A couple of my college girlfriends and I have an annual girls trip where take a long weekend and head somewhere to relax, sip fun cocktails and catch up on life. Since this began we’ve visited Key West, San Fransisco/Napa and Atlanta. When we locked in our weekend for this year’s trip (to Chicago!) I went back through my pictures from San Fran and wine country and thought I would share some now with you.

Schedules didn’t align at the last minute so only two of us ended up heading out to California – and when the trip was planned I had no idea I would be six month pregnant touring Napa Valley.  It was my first time visiting northern California and I completely understand the draw – it’s beautiful out there.

Kelly and I flew midday Thursday and spent that afternoon and night in San Fransisco. We stayed at the Argonaut Hotel, hit all the main tourist attractions and even squeezed in a little shopping after a dinner out.

The next morning we started early, heading straight up to wine country to start a day of tastings at Caymus Vineyards. Being pregnant I wasn’t able to partake in all of the fun, instead I took tiny tiny sips and even tried the whole swirl/sip/spit thing. Since I didn’t get the full experience I ended up buying way too much wine and having it shipped home to save until after Jackson arrived. It was SO good when those bottles were finally opened!

Our last day was more slow-paced and relaxed, we spent the morning at a spa, walked around Sonoma and had dinner at a Thomas Keller pop-up restaurant.

We stayed at Napa Valley Inn in Yountville and I couldn’t have been happier with the town and hotel. There is a small market right across the street and a number of restaurants and tasting rooms within walking distance.  Overall it was a fantastic trip, and I can’t wait to go back when I am able to try all of the wine!

2 thoughts on “San Fran & Napa

  1. A trip to Napa while pregnant – adventurous! You picked a great spot to stay and visited our favorite winery. We live in Napa and really enjoy the experience of trying new places but we always end up back at our standard places. Next time you come check out our wine country blog for some inspiration on some additional places to stay and wines to try.

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