Mother’s Day Weekend

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday…as usual this past weekend flew by and then Monday got away from me. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend!

As always we packed a lot into this weekend – Jackson had his first haircut, we went to his cousin’s first birthday party, went on a Sunday morning hike and an afternoon picnic. This was my second time celebrating Mother’s Day, and with a little over a year under my belt as a mom it gave me a chance to reflect on how I’ve changed since having Jackson.

I’ve become more of a morning person – Key words more of, I still haven’t mastered being an early person. I have never been the most pleasant person in the morning – even going back to high school. Until I have had some time to fully wake up, brush my teeth and have a cup of coffee you’re probably better off staying away. However since having Jackson I’ve had to work on this, and am happy to say I can now hold a coherent conversation before even making a pot of coffee.

More protective over my time – While my weekends are still pretty full I am much more conscious and protective over my time. I want to spend as much time as I can with Ryan and Jackson since we really only have an hour or two each weekday all awake together. This means I say no to commitments more than I used to and like to play the weekends by ear rather be over-committed.

Being on time now means getting there 15 minutes late – This is not something I am proud of at all. One of my pet peeves is being late, but I just can’t seem to get anywhere on time anymore…no matter how hard I try. Something always happens, a dirty diaper, missing house keys, just something that gets me behind by a few minutes.

I only wash my hair once a week – I have never been one to wash my hair every day…I went from every other day before I was pregnant to twice a week while I was pregnant to now only once a week. This saves me so much time getting ready each day, and I love it! It did take me a while to train my hair to go that long between washes.

And here are some pics from the weekend…hope you enjoy! xx

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