Father’s Day Weekend

Sometimes I still can’t believe Ryan and I have a son and that he’s already 17 months old…I know it’s so cliché to say this, but the older I get the faster time really does fly by. We had a great weekend celebrating Ryan and spending time together as a family and Ryan and I were even able to squeeze in a date night!  I hope you all also had good weekends.We spent Friday evening at home hanging out and relaxing. It was a nice change of pace for us. And then Saturday morning I surprised Ryan with an early tee-time and morning on the golf course with his brother. Our weekends tend to be so busy he doesn’t get to golf as much as he would like. Then that evening we got a babysitter and had a date night out at my new favorite cocktail bar – Biltbong Bar – and then headed over to the Atlanta United Game. It was such a fun night out!

We tried to go on a hike Sunday morning but got caught in a rain storm before we made it even a quarter of a mile in. And when we thought the rain had passed we tried to go on a walk around the neighborhood but got caught in it again…so we ended up hanging around the house, having an indoor picnic and drinking some frosé.

Jackson is so fortunate to have Ryan as a role model and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to help raise our boy with. We love you Ry!

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