We have a TWO year old!

I can’t believe we celebrated Jackson turning two this past weekend.  It’s been such an experience to watch him grow, develop and come into his own personality.  I definitely don’t want to rush it, but I can’t wait to see what this year brings us with him. 

Jackson is fiercely independent, loves all animals with a special fondness for giraffes, has a passion for music, prefers pancakes and apple sauce to any other foods, and is a Mommy’s boy through and through.  If we would let him he would ride his bike everywhere with a pacifier hanging out of his mouth, a yogurt pouch in his pocket, his pajamas still on and Wheels on the Bus playing on repeat.

We’re officially celebrating his birthday this weekend with his close friends, but last weekend we tried to make his actual birthday weekend as special as we could – with breakfasts and dinners out, a trip to the aquarium, multiple playdates, long walks outside and of course cupcakes!

I’ll update you on how the music party goes this weekend!

xo, Nicole

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