Wrap-up of Southeast Asia adventure

Hello!  It’s been about three weeks since I’ve been back in the States…can you believe it?  I swear these last eight months have just flown by!  I still can’t believe I lived, worked and traveled throughout Asia and am now back in the US.  I have so much more to tell you from our adventures abroad but I thought I would do an overall wrap-up post while everything is still fresh in my mind.  This way I can also throw in some posts about job hunting and acclimating back into the general population.  So here goes…

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Georgetown, Malaysia

Wow, I can’t believe how over due this post is! I uploaded the pictures to write about this weeks ago but time has gotten away from me.  In late August I found myself boarding a plane from Bangkok to Malaysia with not much of a plan.  This is definitely not like me…as I’ve told you before I am a meticulous planner, but this time RG and I got caught up enjoying the moment and having fun and it all got away from me.  We had met some guys from England in Kanchanaburi, reconnected with them in Bangkok…offered up our apartment for them to crash…and ended up sightseeing and hitting the nightlife for a couple of days.  The next thing I knew we were boarding a flight and didn’t have a chance to plan anything.  But I have no regrets, this is my favorite part of traveling…meeting new people and the unexpected experiences. Read More

Leaving on a jet plane

Hello!  I have been such a slacker lately when it comes to blogging…my apologies!  But I am back and I have so much to share. The past month has been a whirlwind…we have traveled through Malaysia, island hopped in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea, spent some time in Bangkok and showed some dear friends around Thailand.  As I write this now I am sitting in Atlanta Georgia, sipping on coffee, and trying to comprehend that I just flew across the world and am back in the United States. Did the past six and a half months really happen or did I dream it all?

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Photo Friday 9.20


Happy Friday!

I know I am way behind on my posts and I really hope to catch up this weekend. I am so excited to have two great friends fly in tomorrow and will have even more to talk about then! I can’t wait, we have so much planned over the next two weeks. Stayed tuned…

This picture is from our recent trip to Koh Samui. The sunset was beautiful…I know this doesn’t do it any justice. I actually had another picture of the moon picked out from the same trip, but I am having trouble with the internet on my computer…so you get this off my iPhone. I’m not complaining though, this isn’t a bad runner up. I hope you enjoy!

Photo Friday 09.13


Happy Friday!!! This is one of my favorite views from our recent trip to Malaysia. Tea plants and mountains with the clouds rolling in. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

*This was taken from a mobile phone, so the quality may not be the best…but the view speaks for itself.

Waterfalls in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi round 2…there are not too many places we have made an effort to revisit while in Asia. Our goal has been to see and do as much as we can, but we made an exception for Kanchanaburi.  As I mentioned in my last post about this charming town (you can read it here) RG and I vowed to make a trip back and see more of what it has to offer.

This time we had a better idea of where to stay and what we wanted to see. We found a relatively new hotel, The Good Times Resort, right on the river in the center of town. It was perfect…the staff spoke English, everyone was friendly and the rooms were modern and comfortable. This sounds pretty standard for a hotel, but you would be surprised how difficult it is to find this in SE Asia. While we thoroughly enjoyed Sabai@kan the last time we visited it was a little further away from the restaurant and nightlife scene than we wanted.

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Paradise on a nearly deserted island…Koh Rong, Cambodia

Happy hump day…just a couple more days until Labor Day weekend is here.  This weekend has always been bittersweet for me, it signals the end of summer but brings with it the beginning of football season.  That being said I will be adorned in orange and rooting on my Tennessee Vols this weekend from Malaysia…go vols!

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago we were on a twelve-hour bus ride heading back to Bangkok from Cambodia.  After a few days in Phnom Penh it was time for some relaxation and enjoyment, the prison and killing fields really took an emotional toll on both RG and myself.  Our original plan had been to head back to Bangkok, but we decided at the last minute to head south and explore Cambodia’s beaches.  And we were not disappointed!

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