48 Hours in Asheville NC

Ryan and I recently celebrated our six year wedding anniversary in Asheville, North Carolina. We had initially planned on a low-key parent’s night out in Atlanta, but at the last minute we decided to pack up the fam and head to Asheville.

Asheville has been on my list of places to check out for a while now…it’s a short drive from Atlanta (3 1/2 hours), has lots of hiking trails around the city, is known for it’s craft beer and food scene, and is super dog friendly. It’s also one of those places that I was concerned wouldn’t live up to my expectations…I felt like I had build up this city in my mind and by the time we got there I wasn’t really sure what to expect.   Read More

Holiday Road Trip

Our holiday road trip has come and passed…we had a great time on the road, spending time with family, visiting old friends and grubbing throughout.  Now with New Years around the corner it is time to slow down, regroup and plan for 2013!  As I sit here on the last Sunday of the year with wings in the oven, a beer chilling and football about to come on I wanted to tell you a little about our trip. Read More