Photos from recent travels

Hola! I know you are all missing me and my fabulous posts (that is if anyone really reads this thing!)…to hold you over I thought I would show you some of my favorite shots from our past trips. ¬†Enjoy, I’ll talk to you all next week! Read More

Aruba: Sun. Sand. Flip Flops.

In a few hours I will be hitting the road for the drive down to Panama City Beach. I will try to give you some updates along the way, at least a few pictures of our beach adventures, but I make no promises. You may not hear from me until Monday.

Now on to my next vacation story…Over the past few years RG and I have taken a lot of “couple” trips. We are fortunate to have great friends who love to travel as much as we do, and have explored everywhere from Cozumel to Prague and Amsterdam with them. A few months ago we planned a trip to Aruba with two other couples, one that we are really close with and another that we had never met before. ¬†That is always tricky, because you never know how personalities will collide. Read More