As I am sitting here patiently waiting for our little one to make his arrival…literally any day now!…I have thought a lot about how important family is. So as I make myself busy to pass the time I thought it’s appropriate to finish sharing our recent trip to Italy which was all centered around family.

After spending a few days exploring Rome with RG, we moved across the square to a hotel where we met up with my entire immediate family…parents, brothers and significant others. This chapter of our trip was kicked off with my youngest brother proposing to his girlfriend on the rooftop of our hotel. We are all excited to officially welcome her into our family and can’t wait for the celebration and wedding to come. Read More

Rome, Italy

2015 was a busy year, filled with many weekend excursions that included spending the 4th of July in Boulder Colorado, a girls trip to San Fran and Napa, three trips to NYC, a cabin weekend in the North Georgia Mountains, and weddings in Nashville and Indiana – BUT the big trip was to Italy over Thanksgiving.

Italy had been planned for well over a year when I found out I was pregnant, and was anchored around my entire family meeting in Rome and then heading to Sicily to meet our extended family in Marsala. The dates were firm and when we found out I was pregnant there was concern that I would not be able to make the trip…who knew that when you hit 30 weeks of being pregnant it’s not exactly recommended to fly longer than two to three hours at a time and at 36 weeks no plane travel is recommended…I was going to be 33-35 weeks and taking an 11.5 hour flight. Fortunately my pregnancy has been uncomplicated and a week before we were supposed to go my doctor signed off on the trip.  I am so glad she did! Read More

Florence Italy and the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at


What makes a hotel great? Is it your personal experience there, the five-stars it was awarded in a review, how comfortable the bed is, the view, or the customer service? To me it is a little of all of the above.

I just got off the phone with my parents, who have been in Italy for the past two weeks.  They even got to visit Sicily where our extended family is. I was definitely jealous of that…one day I may share with you the story of how my mom’s side of the family made their way to the US.  But that is for a later date, because I don’t know how much dirty laundry my mom would appreciate me airing. Read More