My weekends

Weekends are by far my favorite part of the week; I love not having a set schedule and getting to spend all my time with family and friends. And while there is no “schedule” per se, my weekends always seems to follow a similar routine.

If we’re not traveling our weekends tend to look like this…

Friday Evening
This is usually our low-key night in, and my favorite night of the weekend by far. It starts off with the same hectic weekday rush of picking Jackson up from daycare, rushing home to feed him dinner and if time permits a quick playtime or walk around the block before it’s time to wind down with a bath and off to bed. This is when it’s time to relax!

Depending on how we’re feeling we’ll either throw together a quick, easy dinner or order in. I’ll pop open a bottle of wine, sit on the front porch listen to music and catch up with Ryan on our weeks. I even broke out the rose wine this past weekend, I am obsessed with Whispering Angels right now…great wine at a really good price point.

Saturdays always seem to be the busiest day…the morning begins when Jackson wakes up usually sometime between 6:30am-7:15am and after a warm bottle and breakfast we’re up and ready to go. Some times Ryan will sneak out for an early round of golf, and Jackson and I will take a trip to Target…my favorite time to go there! Late morning we’ll do something specifically for Jackson…currently we’re taking music classes, which Jackson LOVES!

Jackson at the zoo
If we’re not at music class we’re usually at the zoo…Jackson is obsessed with giraffes

Music class wears him out, as soon as we get home he goes down for a nap which can last anywhere from 2-3 hours. This is my time to get some stuff done around the house, run any errands I need to, do a quick workout, or just relax depending on the day.

Saturday afternoons/evenings are almost always spent hanging out with friends. At least once a month we’ll have a babysitter and do an afternoon and evening out and about in Atlanta. And if we’re not checking out a new restaurant or foot massages we’re either entertaining at our house or visiting with friends.

Swing time
A Saturday afternoon swing sessions with our bff, Eleanor

Sundays tend to start a little slower, we’re all tired from a busy Saturday and take the time to lounge. Ryan may sneak out for a round of golf first thing in the morning,

From there the day goes one of two ways – either it’s a low key day with a long walk and maybe a bite out, or it’s Sunday Funday with afternoon mimosas or sangria and spending time with friends or family.  Then it’s back to work on Monday.

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