A little about me . . .

I sit here and write all about my trips and excursions and mention by wonderful husband and my own quirks here and there…but I feel like I haven’t let you all into who I really am.

So here goes, I…

…am married to my best friend

…work in the advertising industry

…am a football fanatic…my college team is University of Tennessee and my NFL team is New England Patriots

…grew up in DC, love politics and have worked on a Presidential election

…have an irrational fear of walking over sidewalk grates and sewer tops

…love fashion, but tend to have expensive taste that I cannot afford

…read a lot, I currently cannot put down “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

…play co-ed Kickball

…am super competitive

…grew up with two brothers

…get excited easily and my voice rises and rises, you can tell how passionate I am about something by how loud I am talking about it

…don’t like the word “yeah” and instead use the word  “absolutely” way too often

…am an obsessive planner and have minor anxiety when things are not planned out

…love music, my current obsessions include: Passion Pit, Of Monsters and Men, and Matt & Kim

…can be overly sensitive sometimes

…am very clumsy, and tend to trip over myself a lot

…cannot hold a tune, but love to sing

…was asked to leave my church choir in the fifth grade

…have a dog that I love unconditionally

…talk to my mom on the phone more than anyone else

– the end –

What do you think about this post? Let me know!

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