Best Beef…A local Thai BBQ joint

Hello! I hope you have all enjoyed the recent posts…I am trying hard to keep you all updated, so please let me know if there is anything you are specifically interested in about our journey or Thailand. As you read this we are somewhere in Cambodia exploring a new country. It’s been such an amazing adventure so far and I cannot wait for what else is in store for us.

That all being said I wanted to tell you about a restaurant we found the first week we moved to Bangkok…Best Beef. it is literally down the street from our apartment which is very dangerous!

The concept is it is an all-you-can-eat barbecue joint. But it’s not what you would expect…ribs, wings, corn on the cob and bbq sauce. It’s the complete opposite. For 199 THB ($6.50) you can select any kind of meat they offer, some vegetables and side dishes. They place a small charcoal grill at your table and bring your selections out slightly frozen. You then butter up the grill, and cook the food to your liking. The only catch is you have two hours to eat as much as you can, then you are cut off. But let me tell you…two hours is more than enough! Pair this meal with a couple of cold beers and you will be rolling yourself home. You can choose from Sirloin tip, Brisket, Bacon, Hump, marinated pork, shrimp…you name it! They even have live music most nights after 7p.m. I seriously don’t know how they make any money. I have never been disappointed, but can honestly only go once a month. It is a sure way to gain 5 lbs in one setting!

Our coals heating up
Our coals heating up

For those in Bangkok, take the BTS to On Nut, leave through exit 3 and walk to your right. It will be on Sukhumvit on your left just short of a block down. I promise you will not be disappointed! And you cannot beat the price 🙂

I believe this is marinated pork and bacon cooking
I believe this is marinated pork and bacon cooking
Stacks of meat ready to go
Stacks of meat ready to go
About to chow down
About to chow down…with many dipping sauces to pair the meat with



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